The Punisher: No Mercy out tomorrow, also demo

So the latest attempt at a Punisher game is set to hit PSN tomorrow for a not so shabby $9.99, but maybe some people out there aren’t so sure they want to part ways with their hard-earned Alexander Hamilton. Maybe some people are on the fence about another Unreal Engine 3 powered FPS fragfest, focused on high-octane online multiplayer with a single-player campaign on the side, taking up valuable hard drive space. Others might not think so highly of Marvel Comics anti-hero Frank Castle after two lackluster feature films in the past half decade, despite the fact the first really wasn’t that bad for a big, dumb action movie.

But alas, upon accessing the PlayStation Store tomorrow, there will be an option to try before you buy. The friendly devs over at ZEN Studios will be releasing a demo to coincide with the debut of the full game. Give it whirl, see what you think, and be thankful that no matter what happens, it can’t possibly be as bad as Punisher: War Zone.