Will EA unlock the mysteries of Syndicate?

EA seems capable of making videogames. In fact, it seems that the company puts out quite a few titles each year, from sports games like Madden to action epics like Mass Effect, to quirkier fare like Mirror’s Edge. So, one could assume that EA would have a handle on the remake of Syndicate, the 1993 cult classic PC game. However, Syndicate creator Sean Cooper is not optimistic. Cooper may have some insight into the game’s development: in addition to creating the original, he was also employed for some time at EA and, during his time there, saw some early builds of the remake. Apparently, what he saw did not inspire much confidence or optimism. “Every time I’ve seen a prototype of a new Syndicate it’s just been misguided,” says Cooper. He’also troubled by how far EA seems to be straying from the original game’s roots of building an evil corporation and killing all who stand in your way. “They’ve tried to be too quirky,” he continued. “They’ve tried to do things that aren’t what the essence of the game was.”