And now some Independence Weekend deals for the PC gamers… a whole day early

Hey PC gamers, you like keeping your money, right? Of course you do, all multiplatform titles get an instant $10 discount! This weekend, though, there are a few other deals worth mention that save a little (or a lot) more. Check ’em.

To start out, Street Fighter IV for PC is among us, but not quite yet on the digital channels. Until then, you can pre-order the game for 10% via your choice of Steam, GamersGate, Impulse, or Direct2Drive. That puts you down for a total of $36 for everyone keeping score.

Also on Steam, you’re now able to enjoy Fallout 3 for a cool $25. Most would tell you that’s a steal, as it more than deserved its $50 price. For those of you wanting all the expansions, though, you may want to hold off until that $50 Game of the Year package comes out a little later this year.

Next up: Over at GamersGate, and today only, you can get yourself a copy of the complete X-Com series for $7.50. Still considered one of the best games ever made, any turn-based strategy fan really has no excuse. For the less punctual, you can pick up the Happy Tree Friends game for $5 all weekend. Is that funny to you? I don’t know.

Impulse has a few goodies, including Capcom’s downloadable Flock! for $7.50, and a Red Faction: Guerrilla preorder deal that includes the first two Red Faction games free.

And then over at Direct2Drive, you have a little Call of Duty festival, with Modern Warfare going for $28, and World at War running $35. If that doesn’t float your boat, then you must be crazy, but you’re covered as well, for Dark Sector is a scant $10.

If you’re a true patriot, you’ll spend your money on SOMETHING and help this blasted economy out in some miniscule way. Come on! For your country, damnit!