Battlefield 1943 dated and still shafting PC players

Just on the heels of the stealth launch of Battlefield Heroes EA coupled with DICE slapped a release date on the much anticipated Battlefield 1943 — July 8 for Xbox Live Marketplace and the following day for PlayStation Network. The multiplayer-only game will be available for download for 1200 MS points from Live and $15 from PSN. There was no word on the future release date for the birth place of the Battlefield series, so PC players are left waiting in the dark. All we know is that it’ll be released some time in September.

BF 1943 is a redux of DICE’s original BF 1942 featuring the same gamplay in a much prettier Frostbyte engine. The players can engage in battle from the land, sea and air with destructible environments in the maps Wake Island, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. After players kill each other 43 million times a new map called Coral Sea will be unlocked for everyone to enjoy. For $15, players are basically getting the best maps from BF 1942 with no skimping on the gameplay, which is probably why it’ll be the best $15 you’ll spend this entire summer.