More Battlestations: Pacific DLC incoming

Looking to brighten up a carefree summer day than with some good ol’ fashioned naval combat? Look no further, my fellow sailors, Eidos has announced the addition of two inbound DLC packs for Battlestations: Pacific.

The Mustang Pack, priced at 160 MS points, features six brand new units and 18 new pieces of nose art. Nose art, referring to “a painting or design on the fuselage of a military aircraft”, not art to be applied to that smelling apparatus on your face, silly. Players can look forward to bombing dudes with the US P-51 Mustang, taking to the seas with US Navy’s Alaska Class or Super Yamato Class, and manning three other unique units.

The Carriers Battle Map Pack, priced a bit higher at 800 MS points, gives players access to four new maps, playable across all multiplayer modes. Locales include Midway, the Philippine Islands, Leyte Gulf, and the Aleutian Islands.

The Mustang Pack is playable now and the Carriers Battle Map Pack will be available July 23rd on XBLA and Games for Windows LIVE.