No new suits in Super Mario Galaxy 2, just Yoshi power

It seems we won’t be seeing any new suits for the multi-profession plumber in the next Super Mario Galaxy game.

Nintendodpad found from Miyamoto that Yoshi power-ups will take their place. From the trailer (check at 0:29), we currently have a speed boost and a balloon-like ability.

Aside from the power-ups, Miyamoto stated that Super Mario Galaxy 2 will have increased difficulty (Yay! The first one was a little too easy) and a “time slowdown effect”.

Having Yoshi is awesome, but if Nintendo plans to not introduce new Mario suits, hopefully they give the ones available more usage. Galaxy was a great game, but I couldn’t help but feel some of the suits didn’t get as much time for getting stars as they should. It’d be a shame to not use that flying suit more.