Prototypes for the prototype Big Daddy

Redesigning something as awesome as BioShock‘s Big Daddy can be a daunting task or an utter blast. Sure it may be hard to break apart or dumb down something so cool, but the design process for the prototype Big Daddy, the protagonist for the upcoming sequel, makes it look like the folks over at 2K Marin had fun experimenting with the idea.

They say the idea was how to make him feel like a rough draft or work-in-progress. In the first game the Big Daddy was a walking nightmare, big and deadly. The hunched over prototypes bring that out well, but the standing straight ones feel more like a “rough draft.” Then we have some with and without the drill. The picture above is the nearest to final concept for the first Big Daddy. Then below we have some of the earlier drafts.

This Big Daddy is looking great so far and we’re sure the final version will meet or exceed our expectations. I guess its a good thing they didn’t go for my idea after all–outsourcing!