Resident Evil film heads to the Afterlife

The Resident Evil film adaptation, and subsequent sequels, bore as much resemblance to the source material as a shark does to a chimpanzee. Two completely different species that should never meet unless at the hands of a master (ie a genius geneticist, but shark-chimps are something we’d like to not see in real life).

Despite the disregard to the game’s plot, characters and ethos in general director Paul W.S. Anderson is pressing forward with a fourth chapter in the cinematic adaptation of the game. Shock Till You Drop says that Anderson is apparently hard at work on the screenplay, aiming for a theatrical release by September 17, 2010.

Considering that Anderson destroyed the childhoods of fans of both Alien and Predator with his interpretation of Aliens VS Predator and has already cashed in on the hope of Resident Evil fans (admit it, all three films were terrible) there’s not much hope for the fourth chapter besides the fact that it might actually be the final chapter and thus end the pain.