Dan Hsu discusses the new EGM

Dan Hsu is the guy many people credit with running EGM into the ground, which is kind of ridiculous considering it was the internet and gaming blogs (sorry!) that really did it. Still, the man is a prolific figure in the world of gaming journalism, and if you follow him now you know he is totally rocking it over at Bitmob. However, with the news that EGM is coming back he must be a little jealous that the print publication he used to call his baby is now coming from elsewhere, right?

The guys over at Crispy Gamer decided to find out while talking to Hsu about his former company and everything that went down after the magazine folded and Ziff Davis sold 1Up.com. Hsu says he’s excited the magazine is coming back, but is wary. “A lot of people were excited [about the announcement]. The biggest surprise to me was seeing comments from people saying ‘I’m already planning to be a subscriber.’ Maybe $20 doesn’t mean a lot to these people, so it’s low risk for them, but to me, I need to know what the magazine’s about and who’s working on it before I can get excited about something like that, you know what I mean? What makes EGMEGM” are the personalities involved, the quality of writing, the features that you do. All of that really has to do with the staff that we had and the people that we had working behind the scenes,” he said.

So, will you be jumping on the new EGM bandwagon or are you just as wary as Mr. Hsu is about the whole thing? I can tell you I’ve already set aside my subscription money, so it better be good.