Dead Island very much alive

Dead Island came, got us all interested, and then disappeared without even saying “see you soon, honey!” As it turns out, all the blame for why we haven’t written about Techland’s tropical zombie fest since our interview with the company back in April of last year can be put on the worldwide publisher they’ve found for the game. “I can understand how impatient our fans must be to see more news and assets from Dead Island,” Techland’s international brand manager Blazej Krakowiak told G4. “Unfortunately our agreement with the game’s worldwide publisher imposed a media silence on us. All we are allowed to say is that the game is in development and doing great and that all future updates regarding the game will come directly from the publisher.”

Who the publisher for the title is is anyone’s guess at this point, though it should be noted that Techland’s last two releases, Call of Juarez and the more recent Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, were both put on the shelves by Ubisoft.