Fez finally coming to the XBLA in “early 2010”

Sadly that’s all we know. Fez, every independent gamer’s crush, has finally found itself a platform and a release date — early 2010 on Xbox Live Arcade. I already had to repeat the title. See the image above? It’s a screenshot of Polytron’s website. That’s not the image that came with the an announcement, that’s the whole article.

So what’s Fez and why should you care? Well, a long time ago Polytron showed off a 2D/3D game at the 2008 Independent Games Festival. It won some awards and made an impression. Gameplay was some kind of mixture of Super Paper Mario and Echochrome with a Katamari Damacy paint job and a pixelated art style. Imagine that kind of pedigree and try not to be excited. Even more cool, and definitely worth some indie game cred, Polytron is comprised of 3 employees. Not as impressive as that game that came out last year made by one guy, but with dev teams reaching the hundreds it’s still pretty amazing.

And now, with great elation, I get to say this. Look for Fez when it hits consoles some time early 2010 on the Xbox Live Arcade. Woo Hoo.