Fret Nice finds a use for your leftover guitar controllers

Fret Nice, Swedish developer Pieces Interactive’s guitar peripheral-controlled platformer, has come a long way since its international debut at the 11th Annual Independent Games Festival. Though World of Goo ultimately took home the top prize for design innovation, Fret Nice‘s photo-collage visuals, innovative control mechanics and infectious original music impressed Tecmo enough to acquire the rights, with plans to bring the quirky title to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network next year.

In this first official trailer, we get a closer look at how the 2D-platformer will put your spare Guitar Hero or Rock Band controllers to work, allowing you to jump (whammy bar), race (fret buttons), and swing (strum bar) through vibrant Loco Roco-esque levels, blastin’ enemies with wicked riff combos along to the rockin’ soundtrack. And I do mean rockin’. The quirky music really brings this vibrant and visually charming title to life, making me wish the Vibrant Chordblasters were a real band. The Hair Bängers too.