Skate 3 is somewhat confirmed

Twitter has become THE place for breaking news of all sorts; Iran, celebrity deaths, iPhone giveaways. All of these have been heard first from the tweets of various people, so no big surprise that someone let slip that another addition to the Skate franchise would be forthcoming. “I just got told ‘tonight we gotta celebrate’, one of the bro’s got offered to be in SKATE 3,” tweeted Schmitty of Epicly Trife, a Skate website.

Kotaku’s attempts to reach EA for comment have gone unanswered, but we turned on the old TVGB charm and got some answers. According to Shirley Chu, Public Relations for EA, “The Skate team is currently focused on Skate 2 DLC. We have no further announcements planned at this time.”

Yeah, we got the touch.