A little inFamous / Prototype glam rivalry to raise the stakes

Played inFamous? You should. Played Prototype? I hear you should. It’s a fun little coincidence that two companies make open world titles revolving around angsty individuals with distinct powers, and given that, it was only natural for the gaming community to compare the two with a scrutinizing eye. Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, known for his video review series on the Escapist called Zero Punctuation, went ahead and called it a tie, saying both have their perks and quirks. For the gaming community, that’s almost a plain unreasonable answer. However, he added one stipulation that would decide the winner that no one should have taken seriously: “I’m going to award victory to whichever game developer sends me the best picture of the other game’s main character wearing a woman’s bra.” Unfortunately, both Sucker Punch and Radical Entertainment accepted this plain ol’ weird and ludicrous challenge. The results are chilling, disturbing, and a bit of a crackup.

While Yahtzee provides his own insightful commentary, I’d like to say that, for the money, I’d have to say Radical (who submitted twice) did a real number on Cole McGrath with his burlesque-esque getup complete with the peacock-like feathery thing that I never learned the name of. With the unicorn strutting out from behind and the use of his powers to add some razzle dazzle, it really is a thing of glory. That said, making Alex Mercer a pregnant woman riding a unicorn and bearing phenomenal mom breasts is no entry Sucker Punch should be ashamed of. Now THIS is videogame marketing!