Dead Space Extraction trailer talks control scheme

There is a concern that Dead Space and its Wii exclusive prequel Dead Space Extraction are too different. For one it isn’t a 3rd person shooter you play alone in the dark, or in my case with all the lights on at one in the afternoon. Extraction is a co-op on-rails shooter. So how is Visceral Games keep things as frantic and exciting as the original?

The new developer diary above gives us some sound examples of how to keep the tension high.
Covering half the screen with a puzzle and forcing players to alternate solving the puzzle and fending off the obscured horde of Necromorphs works well. More fun is had with alt-fire, using weapons to solve problems like gaping holes pouring out bad guys. Switch your rivet gun to alt-fire by twisting your wrist and then nail the door shut.

When a brand new IP changes gameplay types very quickly between sequels there is a pretty valid fear of the new game not carrying on the same type of fun or appeal. As far as we can tell that’s not a concern with Extraction. See for yourself when Dead Space Extraction shambles limbless onto the Wii September 29th.