Fronzenbyte admits Trine is a mess

It seems that sometimes, things just don’t turn out well.

The developers of Trine, Frozenbyte, had told Eurogamer that Trine as a project is “a big mess,” with the disparity between prices for all platforms it will be released to be one of the many issues they have. As of now, the price of for it on Playstation Network is around $20, as opposed to the PC version which will be doubled. A release on Xbox Live Arcade is still being worked out.

Fronzenbyte spokesperson, Joel Kinnunen admits everything is a mess. He says they wanted to have the same price ranges across all platforms and release formats, but with so many factors in the process of putting the game out for their intended platforms, things became “unbelievably complex”.

Kinnunen notes that “Ultimately it’s the game part that really matters and helps us sleep at night.” That couldn’t be agreed upon more. Trine is shaping up to be a great game. However, they’ll need to justify their more expensive version is worth every penny.