IGDA has new executive director

Following the departure of Jason Della Rocca from the International Game Developers Association, Joshua Caulfield has stepped in after nine months to take his place.

During Della Rocca’s time at the IGDA, the organization has grown from 500 to 15,000 members and expanded its base to 70 locations. With accomplishments such as these, Caulfield has a ways to go to live up to his predecessor.

However, one factor that may work in his favor is that he is an outsider. According to Gamepolitics, Caulfield admits that he is more of an avid gamer than a game developer, even professing a love for MMORPGs such as Guild Wars.

At the moment, Caulfield plans to maintain a low profile at the IGDA, while continuing to support the organization’s mission of supporting the game developer. Let’s hope that Caulfield can effectively combine his strong interests in gaming with his previous professional experience (he was the executive vice-president of the American Machine Tool Distributors Association) to continue to guide the IGDA ship through the gaming waters.