LucasArts promise an “awesome” announcement for Monday

Ah Twitter, how you have elevated the world of videogame speculation. If Geoff Keighley isn’t teasing a big announcement then there’s usually someone else putting tidbits of information onto the popular site. This time Lucasarts is in the spotlight, promising an announcement for next Monday via their Twitter page.

Is it something to be excited for? Well apparently if you’re an old school fan of the publisher, then very much so. After originally putting up the news about the announcement, the following posts teased that “It is an awesome announcement for our old school fans.” With the library of old games LucasArts has though, this could mean anything.

Point and click classic Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis was recently packed into the Wii version of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, and Tales of Monkey Island will be hitting Wii and PC soon, that’s 2 games in the genre resurrected, with Sam and Max still jumping around from platform to platform with their episodic games. Will we see the set complete with a Day of the Tentacle remake? Or are they revisiting other classics like X-Wing vs Tie Fighter? With a history like LucasArts’, it really is anyone’s guess.