Tecmo Koei joins the call for a PS3 price cut

Bobby Kotick is threatening to pull support from the PlayStation 3. Some consumers would’ve preferred a lower price point of the PSP Go. Now, CEO of Tecmo Koei, Kenji Matsubara, would enjoy a nice PS3 price drop.

“Whenever I discuss this with Sony reps I always ask them: ‘Please cut the price’, but I don’t have a clear view on Sony’s situation,” he said, adding, “Yes, from a publisher’s point of view we would welcome a price cut for PS3, and we are waiting, definitely.” While everyone is calling for Sony to cut their prices, the CEO brings up the important but publicly unknown factor revolving around Sony’s financial ability to sustain price cut.

“It’s definitely a way of boosting the PS3 market, but it’s Sony’s strategy and I don’t know their cost structure. Sony introduced cutting-edge technology in the PS3, that’s why people in the industry accept that the PS3 cost is so high, but we’d welcome a price cut,” he told CVG.