Watch the first 15 minutes of Brütal Legend with director’s commentary

Tim Schafer is a tease. Brütal Legend is already at the top of most sane and rational people’s “most anticipated” list. The new trailer, a 15 minute romp through the opening levels narrated by Mr. Schafer himself, is more then overkill. It’s torture.

Double Fine does not understand the dangerous situation it’s putting itself in. Every piece of info about Brütal Legend convinces me it’s going to be better then I thought it was going to be and I already thought it was going to re-write time to be prettier and make it so my dad wouldn’t have left. There’s no way it can match the sheer awesome it’s portraying. At this point anything less then Brütal Legend ending in the announcement of Back to the Future IV will be a disappointment.

Good job painting yourself into this corner Double Fine. Sort of makes you regret running with an intriguing and fun idea or garnering a reputation for high quality games now doesn’t it? Brütal Legend is coming out Rocktober 13th for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Yes we are going to say Rocktober every time, get used to it.