Electroplankton brings aquatic audiovisual art to DSiWare

Nintendo of Japan has revealed plans to re-release Electroplankton, the marine-themed experimental music maker, through DSiWare.

The Toshio Iwai-developed, Nintendo-published title received a blink and you’ll miss it release in the United States, where it delighted and confused critics who didn’t quite know what to do in the absence of narrative, objective, or measure by which to determine their progress through the so called game. But despite the mixed reception, the title has garnered something of a cult following thanks to its personal and portable take on musical expression — though Electroplankton is not strictly music making software, like say the Korg DS-10, it has contributed its aquatic ambience to some staggeringly beautiful compositions.

Starting next week, the ten chiptune creating programs comprising Electroplankton will be sold as separate DSiWare titles, each priced at 200 DSiWare Points ($2). Before you accuse Nintendo of adopting the microtransaction model, know that $20 for the entire spectrum of music making fish is actually a pretty good deal as the title originally retailed for $50. The ten programs will be released in three waves, with Trapy, Hanebow, Nano-carp and Beatnes released on July 8,  Rec-Rec and Lumiloop released July 22 and Luminarian, Sun Animalcule, Volvoice and Marine Snow released sometime in August.

No word yet on a stateside release, but considering our love of all things rythm game related I’d say we’ll soon be making sweet, strange music.