Left 4 Dead 2 gets a pre-release demo

At a preview event in London, Valve’s Doug Lombardi confirmed that Left 4 Dead 2 will be getting a demo before its release this November. In response to this news, a cynical, and incredibly rude, troll from deep in the internet had this to say on the subject, “Well no duh. Valve knows that everyone who bought the first game feels betrayed and will need a demo to prove it’s worth purchasing. I mean come on, $60 for what is essentially an expansi…” and then he goes on for some paragraphs about how Valve personally hates him. But enough about him, here’s what Lombardi actually said.

“With Left 4 Dead in particular we’ve found that word of mouth really is the strongest thing. With Left 4 Dead 2 we plan to do a demo before the game comes out that’ll have multiplayer in it. And hopefully we can continue the free weekends with the full game post-launch.”

By the sounds of it Lombardi is saying that Valve trusts people will be so impressed by Left 4 Dead 2 that all the remaining animosity will drain away leaving only smiling faces and open wallets. Lets wait for November when it it comes out to Xbox 360 and Steam and see.