New NHL 10 features actually mean something

Time to dust off those sticks and pads, hockey season is just around the corner. For those of us who have never touched a puck, we will have to settle for NHL 10, which is not that bad of a choice really. We enjoy our teeth.

David Littman, producer for NHL 10, takes us through a first look at the improvements in the game this year. From a new board play feature, where we can actually trap the puck against the side boards until a teammate comes over to help, to the first-person fighting feature, everything looks smooth and more impressive than ever. One of our major complaints in NHL 09 has been solved with our favorite addition, the after the whistle feature, where any actions taken after the whistle blows actually have an effect on the game.

Now, if it would only stop those blue line cheese-shots and make us actually good at hockey, the game would be perfect.