Project Natal a “powerful idea”

Before the announcement of Microsoft’s Project Natal there was a raging debate about whether or not it existed and what it would actually do. When the technology was presented at E3 this year, the roar bumped up a notch, even after Peter Molyneux explained his ideas in a not-at-all-mad-scientist way. Flash forward to today, things seem to have calmed down enough for some rational talk to surface.

In an interview with, Dr Ray Muzyka, BioWare general manager, says that he thinks Project Natal is “a really powerful idea.” Despite not having any hands-on time at E3 this year, he did get a demo of it at EA before the electronics expo and thinks it will be an interesting extension of our current consoles.

Muzyka continues that the interactions with Project Natal apply to an “emotionally-engaging narrative and a story-driven game.” While BioWare has not made any announcements concerning development for the motion control device, Muzyka thinks that it is an “intriguing technology that I think we’d want to see more of and see what we could do with it.”