Techland shows off its game engine

Out of the blue, Techland has sent over a tech video of their in-house game engine, Chrome Engine 4, that shows off what nine nine years of work has resulted in — prettyness. The latest released game running on the engine is Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, while past revisions of it have powered titles such as the original Call of Juarez and Chrome. As for the future, the tropical zombie murder-fest Dead Island will run on it, as will Chrome 2 and Warhound, both of which have been flying under the radar recently. We contacted Techland to see if those two are still on the way and just flying silent for the time being like Dead Island. It’s around 3:45AM in Poland (where Techland is based) at the moment, so we’ll let you know once we get a response.

Expect more of these tech videos in the future as this one, named “Living Environment” by the way, is just “the first part.”