Who ordered the Wolfenstein 3D with a side of cheesy motion comic?

This full motion comic, promoting the the XBLA and PSN re-release of Wolfenstein 3D and the upcoming Wolfenstein, starts with its Nazi narrator tackling a string of hilariously hard to pronounce “w’s” before barreling even deeper into the realm of voice over cheesiness.

Thankfully, it’s countered with some amazing animation, done up in a trichromatic style reminiscent of MadWorld. The artistry and animation is very minimalistic, but all the more striking for it. Not to mention the fact that one man army B.J. Blazkowicz is in rare form, breaking out of a swastika-shaped prison, shooting and stabbing guards with their own purloined weapons, and facing down a chaingun-wielding fuhrer. This is a real treat for fans of the classic series, motion comics or cheesy one-liners. “It’s dinner time, let me whip someone up.” Sounds delicious, Mr. Blazkowicz, just the way my mother used to pummel Nazis!