Aliens vs Predator’s spine-ripping puts Sega in the mood

“It’s kind of the money shot,” said Sega’s Rob Bartholomew of Aliens vs Predator‘s defining moment, when the predator parts marines from their precious spines.

“Those trophy kills right where you rip the skull off the marines and pull their spines out afterwards and the predator kind of caresses the spinal cord and purrs…It’s such a great moment, and it’s something that everyone recognizes from the films,” he said in the official Sega E3 podcast. “That’s the perfect kind of picture moment for me.”

Excuse me, but I need to go cancel tonight’s blind date with Rob Bartholomew – we were going to meet up at one of those old-timey photo booths, but clearly have very different ideas about where the evening was going to go from there.