Penn & Teller call BS on videogame violence

If the preview clip above doesn’t play, try here.

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! has in its 7 short seasons grown from a funny and boob-laiden documentary on Showtime into something like a public service. When I saw the Boy Scouts episode, I wrote a letter to my Governor even though I had enjoyed being a Scout years ago. When I saw the episode on PETA, I made my vegan friend watch it and she stops donating to them. When I saw the circumcision episode, I actually missed my foreskin.

This Thursday BS! is taking on Video Games (sic), more specifically videogame violence. Their guest list varies from the authors of Grand Theft Childhood to Jack Thompson himself.

We’re all pretty informed on the argument and its obvious flaws but there are people around us who aren’t. I am personally sitting down with my Grandma and enjoying Penn & Teller’s “don’t be an over-reacting tool about videogames” PSA just so she will finally buy me that copy of Manhunt 2.

To plan your own familial rendezvous of electronic enlightenment, Penn and Teller: Bullshit! is on Thursday at 10PM on Showtime.