Blizzard community managers are possibly dropping hints

Conspiracy theories, we all love them. And developers like Blizzard love to stir things up, causing many fans to go completely bonkers. Apparently the community managers for Blizzard know this and have been stirring up some speculation on their forums hinting at a possible under-water expansion and playable race for World of Warcraft. Now of course all of this is speculation and hearsay, but some of what has been noted is very interesting.

Community manager Wryxian whose avatar is a baby crocolisk (crocodile) was seen with an interesting forum signature just a day before Cataclysm was trademarked “As you can imagine, a crocolisk like me is also rather keen on the idea of a water based expansion. But maybe I could be somewhat subdued by some particularly large and opulent fountains. Mmm waterrrr.. glug, glug, glug. *swims away with a blissful tail wiggle*” He later appeared with a new forum signature hinting at the Scythe of Elune quest line “The lives of my fallen comrades will not be in vain, and I shall avenge their deaths using the Scythe of Elune.”

Lead World of Warcraft design guy Tom Chilton also said some interesting things regarding new classes in an interview, “An example I could throw out there would be, in Blackwing Lair we had the Drakonid race. We always looked at those and said, oh that would be a pretty cool player race – it would be cool to play as one of those guys. There’s not a lot there as far as, where did they come from and what are they? But they are in the world and it wouldn’t be completely inconceivable that a player would end up being able to play that, and we could continue to expand on the depth of that race and that sort of race.” Could he be hinting at a new playable race in the near future?

Again, this is all conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo that fans, including myself, are hopelessly buying into. Take it for what it is and with a grain of salt. Late August will be the time we really find out what all this is about, but for now it’s fun to imagine Cataclysm as an WoW expansion that’s under water and with new dragon-man playable race.