Get to know Ezio in the first of many video sit-downs

Ubisoft has released the first of six expected developer diaries for Assassin’s Creed II where Patrice Desilets, Corey May, Jean-François Boivin, Margaret Meserve, Vincent Pontbriand give a biopic look at the hero of the next chapter in historical dude-stabbing.

Desmond Miles’ next ancestor that the Animus dives into is Ezio, a young nobleman from 1486 Italy. He is a typical Renaissance noble: proud, care-free, charming, and fiery. So when other nobles betray his family, Ezio takes up the assassin’s blade for the purpose of vengeance. Eventually his goals change focus to the cause of justice, so expect to feel a little like Robin Hood by stealth-killing the rich. Along with growing in skill, the protagonist will be developing emotionally as the game progresses as well. Ezio’s motivation (unlike Altair’s) is personal, and should make for a more genuine character and more intense gaming experience. We’ll find out for sure when Assassin’s Creed II comes out at the end of the year.