Harmonix talks about cutting out the middleman

“Revolutionize” is not a word to use lightly, but that’s exactly what Harmonix has done to the music rhythm genre of console gaming. Dance Dance Revolution may have had more white kids dancing than the Macarena, but it was the original Guitar Hero, built on the foundation of Frequency and Amplitude, that changed how music games were played in the living room. After many generations of brushing aside peripheral-driven games as pure novelty, Harmonix proved to us all that not only could a game bundled with a plastic guitar become a killer app, but that we also would gladly pay $169.99 for a virtual band in a box.

Which brings us to this statement from creative director Josh Randall, who says he wouldn’t be surprised to see a console-less future where “your instrument can have all these songs and you just plug it into your TV”. This reminds me of all those lackluster plug-and-play kits you see in the bargain bin at Target…except not so sucky. No doubt that Harmonix will keep a strong focus on developing content for the latest and greatest home consoles, but Randall claims he is keeping a close eye on what other companies are doing in the “mobile space” and seems hopeful and excited about how all the different elements of the genre as a whole will come together over time. Even if he’s just talking about more ways of making my wallet cry, I can’t help but like his attitude.