Production I.G. working on anime adaptation of Dante’s Inferno

Before you start rolling your eyes at the news that Production I.G. is working on an anime anthology based on the upcoming videogame based on the first third of Dante Aleghieri’s English Major thesis bait, The Divine Comedy, let me take you on a quick tour of some of their past projects.

For those handful of non-otaku in the audience, Production I.G. is one of the top animation studios in Japan, whose movies (Blood: The Last Vampire, Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade, Kill Bill: Volume 1) and series (Fooly Cooly, Le Chevalier D’Eon, Windy Tales) put them on par with Gainax and Ghibli, with whom they’ve worked in the past. And I’d be remiss not to mention their extensive videogame resume, which includes producing the animated cutscenes for Nintendo’s Professor Layton and the Curious Village and more recently working on Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike, a feature film based on Namco Bandai’s recent high-definition entry into the popular role-playing series.

It still remains to be seen whether EA’s action-packed adaptation of Dante’s Inferno leans more toward the “divine” or the “comedy,” but I at least have high hopes for Production I.G.’s involvement in the animated adaptation, which has already attracted distinguished directors like Kite‘s Yasuomi Umetsu and Ergo Proxy‘s Shukou Murase to oversee individual installments of the six part anthology. This should give your eye muscles a much-needed rest until EA releases the next batch of screens.