Project Natal people sensationalizing, possibly giving details in upcoming interview

In a shocking twist of events, Microsoft has chosen to play up the value of their upcoming motion-controlled interface known for now as Project Natal. Johnny Chung Lee, one of the premier names on the project, has said in an interview that the system will “Almost certainly” create new genres.

“Most of the current game genres are optimized for the input device that was available.  With the additional of motion and pointing sensing, we’ve already seen several great examples where developers are exploring novel kinds of gaming experiences.”

Lee also says classics like “The lines blur,” and “new kinds of experiences,” and all this within only an excerpt of the full interview. On a more practical level, sounds like he talked to some extent about how Natal will not be just for the casual crowd, and how all Natal experiences will be fully compatible with the standard Xbox 360 gamepad. Sounds like a not-so-subtle jab at the immediate competition.

The full interview will be published in issue 54 of 360 Magazine, at which time we’ll get to count the number of marketing tropes, and hope for some interesting new details all at once.