Rumor / LucasArts gets lucid with XBLA

What in the world does that headline mean? Nothing actually, it’s just a clever twist of words playing with the fact that LucasArts is now rumored to be releasing a new game called Lucidity over XBLA. The game is yet another downloadable venture from the company, but this time it’s going to be something totally new instead of a revamp/reinvention.

The source that informed Joystiq of the game says that it will be a classic sidescroller. But nothing in this day and age is as simple as it looks. In Lucidity players won’t be controlling the main character, who goes by the name of Sofi, but will instead be placing certain objects in her path for her to use. When she runs into the object she’ll us it to tackle whatever obstacles are in her way. It’s not a totally original game concept, but it is definitely one that could be expanded more upon in the world of gaming as the most prolific game I can think of with this style is Lemmings.

If I was Ukranian comedian Yakov Smirnoff I would describe this game thusly: In Soviet Russia Lucidity level plays you!