Atlus needs help naming new high school beat ’em up for the PSP

Japanese delinquents circumvent strict gun control by harnessing the power of the “Care Bear Stare.”

Atlus U.S.A. is localizing Kenka Bancho 3, a Japanese beat ’em up for the PSP that puts players in the role of a teen gang leader, sight-seeing and ass-kicking his way through his high school’s class trip. Scheduled for a 2010 release, the notoriously fan-friendly publisher has plenty of time to choose a new name, with some help from the faithful, as Kenka Bancho 3 “may not be the most intuitive title for non-Japanese speaking gamers.”

‘Bancho’ is a Japanese term for someone who’s in charge because he’s the meanest, toughest, strongest dude around. ‘Kenka’ means fighting, making the entire title the equivalent of ‘Awesome Master of Badass Beating-Up-People Guys,'” explains the online survey, which allows fans to vote from a list of more American-accessible titles.

Seeing as “Badass Bancho” is sadly not an option, I lean toward either “Badass Rumble” or “Bancho Royale.” But don’t let my opinion, or the fact that I was once the leader of Japan’s most feared all girl bosozoku gang, influence your vote. “Badass” would also be acceptable.