Battlefield 1943 launches on XBLA today, PSN tomorrow

I’ve played a lot of Call of Duty: World at War. I’d say I’ve played too much, but since I have yet to earn my 10th prestige, Treyarch obviously thinks that it’s more than acceptable to solider on. However, despite what this may imply about my love for the game, there’s always been certain things I wish my WWII shooter could do. While tanks were a nice addition to the franchise, wouldn’t it be nice to zip by them in jeeps? How about some levels where you spawn on a fully functional aircraft carrier? Wouldn’t that instantly open the game up to epic sea battles, as well as air raids and dogfights? And what about actually being able to blow [email protected]#$ up?

That, my comrades, is where Battlefield 1943 comes in. Featuring 24 player support, a plethora of land, sea and air vehicles, and the Frostbite engine employed in Battlefield: Bad Company, this digital title is bringing back that classic Battlefield 1942 gameplay we all know and love, and then some. Though the game only features the single conquest mode and a meager three maps, the $15 price tag should help the quality over quantity argument. Plus, if the online community achieves 43 million kills, a fourth map will be released. Finally, a perfectly legal use for a “I would kill for that” statement. XBLAers get an early start on that tally today, but PSNers only have one more day to plan their attack before tomorrow’s release.