Fight Night Round 4 getting DLC, facebutton controls

The analog stick-only controls in Fight Night Round 4 are called intuitive by EA but downright aggravating by quite a few gamers. I also call it thumb raping and one of the main reasons I haven’t picked up this sequel to a game I loved yet. It’s only good news then that after a few days of speculation EA has confirmed they will indeed be making facebutton controls available via a free update that will get released in September. Hang in there thumbs around the world, you’ll be rescued soon.

EA also shared their plans for some “initial” DLC, to be released early next month. The downloadable goods include a new training gym, gameplay sliders, and new equipment. Xbox 360 users will also get an alternate Sugar Ray Leonard, “courtesy of Pizza Hut.” My money’s on a forehead tattoo.