Sony rebuffs Activision’s complaints

Bobby Kotick dropped some pretty harsh words at Sony a little while back, claiming that Activision might have to drop its games from Sony’s platform unless a price drop was coming. The problem was games just weren’t selling enough because of the PS3’s install base. Most of us took it as some dick waggling and went along our merry way knowing that it would most likely never happen unless the two companies got into a little hissy fit with each other and people’s egos took over.

Thankfully for all those who want to play Activision games on the PS3 this isn’t going to happen, especially if Sony’s comback is as tepid as Sony Executive Officer Howard Stringer’s. In response to the threats from Kotick he said, “He certainly likes to make a lot of noise, I lose money on every PlayStation I make.” Sick burn? Come on Sony, where’s the arrogance? You should have stepped out and been all, “Yo bitch, we need Activision like Superman needs a bullet proof vest.” Maybe they should take some lessons on trash talking from EA.