Age of Conan to ex-players: please come back

In a move that’s been done with other MMO’s out there, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is now offering a chance for its ex-players to re-evaluate their reason for leaving. From now until the 22nd of July, old AoC players can get a couple weeks of free playtime, to see if they really have made the right decision in quitting.

The game’s creators believe that there have been “a lot of improvements” on the game since its launch, and that players should have a chance to come check out the new stuff. Or this could all be a ploy to give old addicts a taste, knowing it will lead to a few months paid playtime. I can’t vouch for AoC being addictive however, since I’ve never played. Though, I imagine if I did, I would probably think along the same lines as this gentleman.