Rumor / WiiFit Plus cutting calories and cost

When WiiFit appeared last year and became a trendy vidoegame for grown-ups, Nintendo immediately had a success on their hands. The developer/publisher continued to push away old videogame stereotypes and expand the market to include those coveted “non-gamers.” The only problem was WiiFit’s price, which came at a hefty $90 to cover the cost of the Balance Board required to make the game work.

With the anticipated sequel WiiFit Plus on the horizon, many have wondered how much it would cost to upgrade for those who already own a Balance Board. Will Nintendo charge a full $50 to take advantage of the original’s popularity or continue the theme of accessibility with a lower price? Well, according to IGN’s Japanese sources, WiiFit Plus will be released in disc-only form at a slim 2,000 yen or about US$21. While not an official announcement, this is great news for those hoping to upgrade without having to pay with much more than sweat. Those late to the WiiFit bandwagon will likely have to pay $90 for Plus bundled with the Balance Board.