1 vs. 100 launch party ushers in UK release

The open beta of 1 vs. 100 hits Xbox LIVE in the UK today. To celebrate, Microsoft threw a special launch event last night and the ever-intrepid TVGB went along to investigate. It’s dirty work, but somebody has to do it.

Held at a swanky members-only London club, the venue had the look of a studio, with TV cameras everywhere and a lights-blazing gameshow set equipped with Xbox 360s and HD screens. Throughout the evening, scruffy bunches of journalists were called up in groups, dragged away from the bar and invited to go head-to-head in a series of live 1 vs. 100 games. Just like the real thing, there were prizes up for grabs, including Microsoft Points, Xbox 360 consoles and a holiday.

But here comes the really exciting bit. Well, to TVGB UK anyway. Pat Sharp was there! With the twins! THE FUN HOUSE TWINS!! Yes, the king of 90’s TV mullets was the host of the party, dutifully assisted by the slightly passed-their-sell-by-date siblings, Melanie and Martina (who aren’t really related, did you know that?). We were so excited, we forgot to take any pictures. Durrr.

One cringey (but also chucklesome) moment came when Sharpy discussed the game with Xbox LIVE 1 vs. 100 host James McCourt. Clearly unaware of the twins’ presence, McCourt blurted out, “Yeah, I heard a rumour about those twins the other day. Aren’t they working in a supermarket now or something?” Turns out he wasn’t far wrong. We all cringed, and Sharpy moved on quickly.

TVGB didn’t win anything, in the end. Indeed, we aren’t even sure who did win the Ibiza trip, or the Xbox consoles. We did, however, learn one thing; free booze and general knowledge questions are not a successful mix. Hopefully, we’ll have a better chance of bagging the FIAT 500 grand prize from the sober comfort of our own home.

The 1 vs. 100 open beta debuts on UK Xbox LIVE today. It’s free-to-play for anybody in the region with a Gold account. See you there.

(Images courtesy of GirlGamersUk)

(that’s not Pat Sharp, in case you were wondering)