Dragon Age: Origins + DLC = Gaming Nirvana

In a recent interview with CVG, EA Vice President Greg Zeschuk riffed on the wealth of downloadable content that will be available for the forthcoming Dragon Age: Origins. Standard DLC like additional weapons and armor will be available shortly after release but Zeschuk also says that downloadable episodes are also a likely possibility.  But, where Dragon Age is looking to set itself apart from the rest of the crowd is by offering user-generated DLC. How, exactly, will this work? “[..] on PC we provide full user tools that let you modify and create your own levels and stories. You can browse a lot of that user content from within the game,” states Zeschuk. But console owners won’t be left out in the cold, either. He continues, “On the console side, it’s obviously not really feasible for us to provide the toolset, but we are actually looking at ways to potentially share the content created on the PC on consoles.”

User generated downloadable quests? For PC and console gamers? If the execution is as cool as the concept, this will be just another reason to check out Dragon Age: Origins when it drops later this year.