LittleBigPlanet GotY edition comes bundled with DLC

It seems like every week there’s new downloadable content available for LittleBigPlanet. We’ve seen countless costume packs from movies and games such as Judge Dredd, ICO and Metal Gear Solid etc. In fact, there’s so many add-ons that it becomes difficult for owners of the game to keep track of them all. No worries then — the dress up mayhen is will soon come in disc form as well.

As LBP approaches its one year anniversary, Media Molecule decided to work on a special Game of the Year edition that will be released later this year. Specific details are very scarce at the moment but we do know the GotY edition will contain most of the downloadable content that has come out on the PlayStation Network. Hopefully that includes the upcoming Ghostbusters costume pack as well.