No pre-release demo for dragon slayers

Getting a demo before a game gets released is nice, don’t you think? But, as luck has it, that doesn’t always happen. And in the case of Dragon Age: Origins, our luck has clearly just ran out as BioWare’s co-founder Greg Zeschuk says the topic of releasing a demo hasn’t really even come up, “We’ve not really talked about a demo. There’s a few different ways we could do it. The way the game’s set up actually makes it hard for a demo because there are six origin stories and we don’t know whether to just pick one or a couple.”

But wait, there’s a bright side; The man makes it sound as if a post-release demo is quite likely, “It’s not likely that we’ll have a demo ready for release, but very shortly after we’ll probably figure out some parameters where we chop the game into pieces and make them available for people to experience.”

Makes sense. The time-consuming decision of wheter or not to include full frontal nudity in the game will be made by then.