Drifters love videogames, NFS SHIFT

When I think of a drifter, or even the associated act of drifting, I usually think of a cinematic journeyman, someone more along the lines of a masterless samurai in a Kurosawa flick. Automobile-based drifters, also known as “VRROOOMM-SCREEEECHHH” drifters, are pretty flippin’ cool in their own right, as you can see in this lovely interview video sent over by people behind Need for Speed SHIFT.

Answering the questions of an unseen interviewer is Vaughn Gittin Jr., a serious drifter who is helping the NFS team nail the gameplay and physics in their upcoming racer. Interspersed amongst clips of Gittin Jr.’s wisdom and awesomeness is some footage of the game itself, which is looking mighty purdy these days. I do find some humor in the fact that, after he was initially brought on to take a quick look at the game, a person known for drifting has been staying with the developers for more than 100 hours to fine tune the minor details. Just let the irony sink in as you watch the racing goodness.