Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be tougher yet easy, huh?

While talking to Nintendo Power, Shigeru Miyamoto boasted that he thinks gamers have “become better players” and, as the father of modern videogames, it is his intention to take Super Mario Galaxy 2 to the next level. Most of us here at TVGB, as well as a good portion of our readers, grew up playing Miyamoto’s games, so there seems to be an appeal to take in anything Mario related, but we should not expect the same old galaxy and yummy star-bit easiness.

“I do believe that there is a lot here to appeal to the more veteran and more experienced gamers, and I think it’s a title that they will obviously enjoy, but I really took it into consideration and tried to do our best to create a game that’s accessible to new gamers as well. And, you know, we also built it with consideration that we believe that people who played through the first Mario Galaxy have become better players.”

I learned it from watching you, dad!