Turnipseed tells the CPSC to ban “war toys and games”

One of the responsibilities of the Consumer Product Safety Commission is to protect individuals from deaths that can be caused from “hazardous consumer products.” An important responsibility, to be sure, especially considering that one of their key tasks was imposing tougher safety restrictions on Chinese goods. However, one political official holds the opinion that the CPSC should broaden their definition of “hazardous consumer products” to include “war toys and games.”

This individual is South California activist and attorney Tom Turnipseed who mentions that the banning of these items “should be the first priority of Inez Tenenbaum.” Tenenbaum is the new chairperson of the CPSC.

Turnipseed’s reasoning includes the usual citation of “studies” that claim that exposure to media violence will beget real violence. He closes by mentioning “better alternatives,” which to him are “games that encourage the use of their minds, skills and physical dexterity in activities promoting the sanctity of life and peace.”

Turnipseed sounds slightly more sane than Jack Thompson…however, one has to wonder when these “anti-game” rants from officials in power will end.