China may have to wait even longer to play World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft players in China haven’t been able to access servers in over a month and the transition period for Chinese WoW operator NetEase may prove longer than expected due to some constraints over obtaining the official license to operate from the Chinese government, Gamasutra reports. “We have met with some factors which are out of our control [and] the servers’ reopening will be delayed… As of now, we don’t have a specific reopening time frame.” said NetEase, “We cannot be certain of the duration of the transition period and if the transition will be completed satisfactorily. If such relaunch is significantly delayed, the game’s popularity and profitability may be adversely affected.”

Analysts have predicted that China could account for half of World of Warcraft subscribers and the downtime could cost Activision $10-$15 million alongside a decline in the user base. Though it is predicted that China makes up a significant portion of Warcraft subscribers, Activision received a smaller amount of revenue from that region while under the operation of NetEase competitor, The9, leaving little to panic about as Activision plans to receive higher royalties under the operation of NetEase who is also handling Warcraft III, StarCraft II and in the country.