Microsoft and Sony motion controllers “more suited to casual games” says Tecmo Koei

Microsoft didn’t really use Natal to demonstrate its use with action games at E3, Sony however did demo some dueling and archery against some AI, but that isn’t enough to convince Tecmo Koei president, Kenji Matsubara, that either motion controllers are enough to appeal to the hardcore. Speaking to CVG, the Tecmo Koei president expressed excitement over their respective concepts but couldn’t help but take into account the possible disconnect between the motion solutions and Tecmo Koei games.

“We are very excited about the future with Project Natal and Sony’s motion controllers. At the same time, we have some concerns over the fact that we specialise in making action games, so we have to explore whether we can achieve real-time response from a controller-free system.” His understanding is that the motion controllers will begin their entry with casual games only to later move on to more hardcore titles. “We understand that, for casual gamers playing dance games or some sort of fishing game, this controller-free system can be popular. But for hardcore gamers who like action games, we have to research and develop games that satisfy our core gamers.” Well, if he thinks dancing doesn’t have action in it, there are some action-oriented videos of Dance Dance Revolution players he needs to see, immediately.