Spielberg gets his inspiration from videogames like Splinter Cell

When Steven Spielberg wasn’t on stage during the Microsoft E3 press conference, he was backstage talking about where he gets his ideas from and it appears videogames like Splinter Cell are partially responsible for it, according to Ubisoft’s Maxime Bernard.

Speaking to OXM, Bernard recounts that glorious day by saying, “He had an entourage… and he said to his friend ‘it gives us a lot of ideas, it’s very inspiring’,” said Bernard. “I was thinking, like, wow. If we made a game that inspires Spielberg then [censored], we’re doing something good here.” With their involvement in Avatar and now the opening of a studio in Toronto which is able to boast a fairly vibrant film environment, Ubisoft itself is looking towards some film. Will this mean more videogame movies of Ubisoft properties? We like to think that Ubisoft won’t even consider it.